Email, page design and digital shelf-stacking for Britain’s fourth largest supermarket chain.


Edd Hopkinson


Kirsty Jackson


Whilst Morrisons has been a mmto e-commerce, they have always managed to maintain a sizeable customer database that has been the envy of some of their rivals. As a result, email communications were always a large part of their burgeoning digital strategy.

Due to the restrictions of HTML based table design for emails, I always worked closely alongside the tech team to try to develop email designs which could be as visually attractive as possible whilst also being flexible to the client they were going to be read in. Below you can see comms for; i /iiii)Let’s Grow, a CSR project for parents to collect points that can be exchanged for garden equipment at their childrens’ school, ii) M Savers - Morrisons’ playfully branded economy line and iii) A customer survery email relating to their new store program.



The Morrisons Free Shopping campaign ran throughout January 2012 and every day, five customers in every Morrisons store could win the value of their shop. Customers were invited to visit the Morrisons website to enter their till receipts and find out if they had won.

Over the four-week period, the receipt checker was visited over 10 million times - helping Morrisons to be the second most-visited food and drink site in January.