A Hyper Island project exploring the effects of digital transformation on customer behaviours and expectations in the convenience sector - and plotting a near future where stores can remain relevant in day to day life.


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Direkten is one of Sweden's largest convenience retailers with over 160 branded stores across the country. As well as stocking the convenience staples - soda, confectionery & periodicals - they also offer services such as post, gambling & bill payments. It has been this financially essential part of the business that has been most affected by digital transformation.

Our team at Hyper Island was tasked with exploring opportunities around digital technologies that could drive increased footfall to stores.

direkten store


Our research kicked off with multiple visits to stores and interviews with head office staff, store owners and customers. This was augmented by a horizon scanning exercise where we mapped trends in the sector worldwide, behaviours unique to Swedish customers and millenials and market and technology opportunities in retail.

insight 3
insight 2
insight 1


This ethnographic and desktop research was used for developing personas of future customers, which in turn informed user journey mapping to visualise pain points in their day to day lives. With this understanding of environment, sector, technology and customers, we generated concepts for services that could slot in to people's daily lives in the present and near future.

ideation story boards
ideation chart
black and white photomontage
black and white photomontage

These ideas were evaluated on an impact vs implementation matrix.
Services that were determined to have a higher impact and a lower difficulty to implement were formalised and then written in to a fiction of the Direkten store of the future.

vr service writeup
healthy food service write up


During our interview process with employees from both head office and the stores, we encountered problems involving Direkten's internal communications. Much of this difficulty was generated by a poorly labelled and outdated intranet.

Direkten intranet

We prototyped a new information architecture and tested it on store owners at the company's winter conference. We took these findings and put together a super-simple and contemporary UI influenced by point of sale interfaces to offer a vision of how Direkten's internal comms could be made more simple - whilst catering to issues such as language barriers and the current site's lack of a mobile view.

Direkten intranet redesign UI