TH_NK was approached by Arup, one of the world's most iconic engineering firms, to create a new shop window for the company. As visual design lead I worked alongside the UX and build teams to deliver a showcase for Arup's thought leadership and engineering achievements.


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Dan Bradshaw


RĂ©mi Perrichon


A stark colour palette, a typographic classic & stunning photography of world famous projects represented the perfect toolbox for visual design.

The difficulty lay in other areas - Arup planned to port over all 9000+ pages of pre-existing content. The majority of content would not be rewritten for launch meaning that as well as creating a progressive design system we also needed to be able to support the here and now.

In addition, the scope of Arup's work is vast - from dog parks to disaster planning, with the average duration from first client contact to project completion being 5 - 20 years.

wood render of sydney opera house Arup logo
Total Design proposition Ove Arup


The taxonomy of Arup's capability is complicated - they work across 19 industries (Arts and Culture to Water) offering some 80 services (from acoustics to vibration engineering) placed in 5 service groups in every corner of the world.

To give equal presence to all services, we developed in-page signposting components to establish connections between services and service groups and to give room for descriptive copy. To navigate long lists and pages we used scrolling within page modules. To help infer Arup's global footprint, I.P. detection was used to surface a user's local contact whilst hiding others behind accordions.

Building design selectorBuilding design sub selector


Arup's proposition is Total Design - having the capability in house to deliver any project anywhere in the world. They also position themselves as philosophers and thought leaders on the built environment.

To try and illustrate this we dived in to the unusual and extraordinary work Arup had done to influence the copy direction whilst placing their thought leadership concent at the heart of the journey.

neutrino beams, the walking city, the driverless worldcity selcotr
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arup publication view
arup publication detail
spaces that performcity planning